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Are you ready for the next level in health coaching?

Now is your time to be apart of the most popular new form of health coaching in the world!

People from all over the globe are now familiar with ancient Ayurvedic teachings and can't get enough of the information surrounding this topic…

Discover Your Dosha

Plus, they are actively seeking out coaches and guides to help them learn their Dosha (body type) and what are the best lifestyle practices to help them stay in balance.

Now is your time to be apart of this exciting new wave of virtual or in-person wellness coaching!

You will be personally taught by Dr. Stephen Cabral, Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, in the most in-depth modern Ayurvedic course & certification to date.

This is your opportunity to be taught by a 2nd generation US Ayurvedic Practitioner in Dr. Cabral. His mentor, Dr. Peet studied directly (and wrote his 1st 2 textbooks) under the world-famous Ayurvedic Doctor, Vasant Lad, who came over from India to “bring Ayurvedic Medicine to the West” in 1979.

(Dr. Lad served as the Medical Director of the Ayurveda Hospital in Pune for 3 years and as Professor of Clinical Medicine for 7 years at the Pune University College of Ayurvedic Medicine before leaving for the US.)

Functional Ayurvedic Practitioner
Functional Ayurvedic Practitioner Health Coaching Certification

This new health coaching certification is the first of its kind to combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with state-of-the-art Functional Medicine. This means it combines the best of both worlds, which is exactly what people desperately need right now…

Come join the most exciting & popular new form of health coaching that will allow you to transform your life, your practice, and the lives of your clients – now is the time to make Functional Ayurvedic Medicine apart of your teaching and daily routine.

Don't miss this opportunity to be one of the most sought after health coaches in the world with the new Functional Ayurvedic Practitioner (FAP) certification.

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