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106: Setting the Right Prices for Your Programs & Services

Most coaches are nervous to charge “too much” for their coaching services, but with just a little bit of foresight I believe we can dramatically reduce that apprehension…

My goal is to help you “set it and forget it” by using systems like a “comparative market analysis,” which will leave you feeling confident…

So on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 106 we’ll be helping you set the right prices for your programs and services – Enjoy the show and let us know what you thought!

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


1. CMA

Doing a comparative marketing analysis to figure out what most people are charging in your area or for similar services is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your clients.

2. Create a Package

Don’t charge for one off appointments. Always create programs and packages.

3. Double Your Time

In most coaching scenarios you will need to assume one hour of follow up each month (15-min per week) for each client. Take this into account when creating prices for your packages.