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174: Should You Help 1 Person or Everyone?

As health coaches and practitioners our goal is to help as many people as possible…

However, it’s important that we begin to examine how we get there…

What’s realistic? What will attract the most clients? How many people can you work with at one time?

We’ll discuss this and a lot more on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 174 when we answer the question should you help 1 person or everyone – Enjoy the show and let us know if you have any questions!

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


1. Niche Down

While I’m sure you can help hundreds of different types of people, it’s best to start with one group first where you become known locally or globally as the go-to person for that ailment.

2. Word Will Spread

After you begin successfully helping hundreds of people in one niched down area, word will spread and you will get referrals to many other types of people looking for help.

3. Working with Everyone

After about 12-18 months you will now be working with people all over the world virtually with many varying health conditions, but it all started by helping just 1 person.