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181: Mastering Menopause with Ellen Savary Long

This is just what happens when you get older…

It’s just something women go through…

If you have ever heard this, you know how frustrating these sentences can be to a woman who is struggling with debilitating menopausal symptoms.

Mood Swings
Hot Flashes
Weight gain
Poor Sleep

Menopause can have a wide variety of symptoms that leave women feeling frustrated and looking for answers.

On today’s Podcast we talk with Ellen Savary Long.  Ellen is an Integrative Health Practitioner who knows first-hand how everything can be going right and you are feeling great until one day you aren’t…

Ellen shares with us how her personal journey to find answers has led her to helping women navigate through menopause and provide them with peace of mind that you don’t need to feel the way you do.

To learn more about mastering menopause and why you don’t have to tolerate the hormonal symptoms that come with it join us on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 181 – Enjoy the show!

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