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Welcome to one of the world's leading Health Coaching Certifications! Riana is on her own exciting journey with the program and can't wait to share her experiences and insights with you. Dive in with us!

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Our Certifications

Health coach certification begins with Level 1 curriculum

Level 1: Become a Certified Health Coach

This certification delves deep into Dr. Cabral's renowned DESTRESS Protocol, providing over 40 hours of video teaching, client handouts, and invaluable healing protocols. These recommendations are the same ones Dr. Cabral uses in his private practice to help his clients lose weight, feel better, and regain their vitality. With Level 1 as your foundation, you'll be well on your way to achieving optimal health and wellness.

Level 2: Mastering Functional Medicine Labs

This comprehensive program delves into the seven essential functional lab tests Dr. Cabral uses in his practice, allowing you to gain insight into your body's unique needs.  It contains over 68 hours of videos that include lessons on why each lab should be run, who should run it, how to understand the lab results, and various protocols to help rebalance the body.  Every module includes case studies taken directly from Dr. Cabral’s private practice.

What People Are Saying About IHP

I’m feeling so much gratitude for Dr. Stephen Cabral Right now! I just wanted to say that I am finished with my IHP Certification, Level 1, and along the way I’ve been incorporating everything I’ve been learning in the classes on myself. I’m now feeling amazing after dealing with awful gut issues for a long time! I’ve always thought I was doing the right thing with diet, etc, but as the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you don’t know' …Thank you so much Dr. Cabral!!! I’m looking forward to passing along all this great knowledge I’ve learned from you to help others. Thank you to both you AND your team for all that you do!

Larissa Ness, IHP

IHP Mastery exceeded my expectations, it provided me with additional soft skills and focused on the art of coaching. I feel more prepared than I ever did before to converse with others about their health. Often with entrepreneurship, we figure it all out as we go and Mastery short cuts several key elements to business building with contacts and words of wisdom from experience. I would highly recommend IHP Mastery to anyone who is serious about building their coaching practice.

Courtney Lancaster, IHP2

Discover what becoming an IHP Coach™ is really all about as Dr. Stephen Cabral reveals the inside knowledge behind the course & Health Coaching Certification.

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