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Holistic Wellness Transformation with Dr. Ian Quitadamo

“Nobody wants to feel like their health is out of their control. I decided to take my health destiny into my own hands.”

Holistic wellness is a rapidly growing field, and Dr. Ian Quitadamo is at its forefront. Dr. Ian holds multiple certifications from the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute (IHPI), including IHP1, IHP2, IHPM, and HPH. His journey is a testament to the power of holistic wellness in transforming lives. In this blog, you will learn about Dr. Ian's educational background, his transition from cancer research to education, his passion for holistic wellness, and the impact of his practice on his clients' lives.

Holistic Wellness Transformation with Dr. Ian Quitadamo

Dr. Ian Quitadamo's Extensive Educational Background

Dr. Ian Quitadamo’s curiosity and passion for learning have always driven him. “I am curious by nature and love to learn,” he says. This intrinsic curiosity led him to pursue extensive post-graduate studies. He earned an Associate degree in science, a Bachelor’s degree in premedical biology, a Master’s degree in genetics and cell biology, and an interdisciplinary PhD in molecular biosciences, human cognition, and technology. Initially, he thought becoming a medical doctor would be his way to contribute to society.

Transition from Cancer Research to Education

Despite his initial aspirations, Dr. Ian’s path took a significant turn. He became a cancer researcher focused on preventing tumor angiogenesis and metastasis using immunotherapy. Although this work was scientifically enriching, he encountered the harsh realities of pharmaceutical industry pressures. “While I gained a lot of scientific experience from that work, I also learned that cancer research is as affected by pharmaceutical down pressure as is the medical profession,” Dr. Ian explains. Consequently, he sought a path more aligned with his core principle of helping people live their best lives.

Discovering a Passion for Education

Dr. Ian's experiences working with students revealed his deepest passion: education. “Through experiences working with students, I discovered my deepest passion is to educate and inspire others,” he reflects. His curiosity about the natural world persisted, but he reframed his research to focus on optimizing human learning and improving critical thinking. This passion led him to Central Washington University, where he teaches biology courses like genetics and cell biology, as well as science and mathematics education courses that emphasize improving learning.

Finding Holistic Wellness and Dr. Cabral

Dr. Cabral and Dr. Ian Quitadamo at the Reimagining Health Summit

Dr. Ian’s journey into the holistic wellness space was inspired by a recommendation from his wife, Jody, a breast cancer survivor. She introduced him to the Mind Pump podcast featuring Dr. Cabral. This episode ignited a passion in Dr. Ian, as it aligned perfectly with his values and interests. He delved into the holistic wellness community, taking numerous IHPI certifications, and found his true calling. Reflecting on this moment, Dr. Ian said, “Dr. Cabral’s words lit me on fire. Informed scientific knowledge balanced with an integrative, holistic perspective.”

The Impact of Holistic Wellness on Dr. Ian's Life

Dr. Ian and Wife Jody on Holistic Wellness Path

Holistic wellness has significantly transformed Dr. Ian's life and the lives of those he loves. Despite a genetic predisposition to heart disease and diabetes, Dr. Ian took control of his health destiny. By following Dr. Cabral's DESTRESS protocol and completing several functional medicine detoxes, he improved his health dramatically. He and his wife Jody now maintain a plant-forward, organic diet and prioritize holistic wellness. Dr. Ian emphasizes, “Nobody wants to feel like their health is out of their control. I decided to take my health destiny into my own hands.”

Enhancing Capabilities Through IHPI Certifications

Dr. Ian Quitadamo emphasizes how IHPI certifications have profoundly impacted his personal and professional life. The certifications provided him with knowledge which improved his capabilities as a husband, father, educator, and health coach. Therefore, this knowledge empowers him to create significant, positive changes in his clients’ lives, guiding them toward better health and performance. “Learning through IHPI creates a tangible improvement in quality of life that is truly empowering,” Dr. Ian notes.

Dr. Ian’s Holistic Wellness Practice: IQ Performance Health LLC

Dr. Ian's Holistic Wellness Practice IQ Performance Health

Dr. Ian Quitadamo’s practice, IQ Performance Health LLC, focuses on educating, inspiring, and promoting better health and performance. His services include integrative wellness, anti-aging and longevity, and performance optimization. Moreover, Dr. Ian offers personalized and group sessions, fostering a community built on authenticity, vulnerability, and evidence-based solutions.

Impact of Holistic Wellness: A Client Success Story

Dr. Ian’s commitment to his clients is evident in his success stories. One particularly profound case involved a 65-year-old female client who had lived a life full of stress and pressure. “She had always lived her life maxed out in every conceivable way,” Dr. Ian recalls. During their first session, Dr. Ian's empathetic approach allowed her to open up, revealing deep-seated stress and a lack of self-permission to simply be herself. “I assured her that during our work together she would not lose who she was; rather, she would evolve into her most authentic self, and her health would improve as a result,” Dr. Ian shares.

Upon reviewing her lab results, Dr. Ian discovered extreme cortisol levels, indicating severe stress. He put her on a foundational protocol and a comprehensive stress reduction plan. Additionally, they addressed mental stressors, revised unhealthy behaviors, and reprogrammed counterproductive habits.

After undergoing a series of personalized wellness protocols and rigorous stress reduction protocols, the client experienced a profound transformation. Dr. Ian reflects, “She is now the client I refer to when I speak about how holistic wellness can heal the whole person from the inside out.”

Joining the IHPI Community

Dr. Ian encourages anyone considering joining IHPI to reflect on the importance of their health and relationships. He emphasizes that optimizing health requires intentional effort, informed decisions, and support from a like-minded community. Accordingly, IHPI offers the best training and community support to help individuals achieve their health goals. “Creating your best health will not happen by accident. Instead, it will come from knowing better, and then doing better,” Dr. Ian advises.

Connecting with Dr. Ian Quitadamo

Connect with Dr. Ian Quitadamo for Holistic Health

To learn more about Dr. Ian Quitadamo and his health coaching practice, visit his website at IQ Performance Health. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Instagram at @iqperformancehealth. Dr. Ian is dedicated to helping individuals evolve, grow, and contribute positively to their families and communities.

Dr. Ian Quitadamo’s journey highlights the transformative power of integrative health. His dedication to education, holistic wellness, and evidence-based solutions makes him a valuable resource in the integrative health community. By sharing his expertise and passion, Dr. Ian continues to inspire and empower others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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