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215: Utilizing Affiliate Links with Gina Harney

Are you an Influencer?

You may not think you are but how often do you recommend your favorite things to your friends, family, and clients?

On today’s podcast we talk with Gina Harney.

Gina is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer, and Podcast Host with a passion for blogging, fitness, and supporting her clients one on one through their health and wellness journey.

In this episode Gina provides insight on how affiliate links are often under used and can be a great way to generate additional revenue.

Gina shares with us how, as health coaches, we naturally build the like, know, and trust factor and through this authentic relationship we become the go-to source for advice on health and wellness products.

To learn more about building additional revenue streams and utilizing affiliate links in your business join us on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 215 – Enjoy the show!

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