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145: Looking at Long Term Health with Thea Lucas

In this day and age we are often taught to look for the quick fix regardless of the long term consequences.

Looking to lose weight? Just skip some meals…

Want to bulk up? Just get in whatever calories you can…

While these methods might help us achieve what we are looking for in a short period of time we often reap the consequences later in life.

On today’s podcast we talk with Thea Lucas. Thea is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer and Owner of Veza Wellness.

Thea shares with us how her background as an athletic trainer helped her to realize that often times people are given advice to help them reach short term goals but that advice is not always what is best for for long term health.

Thea works with women one on one who are struggling with chronic disease and she uses this knowledge in her everyday practice to help her clients reach both their short and long term goals.

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