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Our Admissions Team

Amy Gay

As a Health and Life Coach, I’ve worked with clients to transform their lives by improving their physical and mental well-being. I draw on my extensive experience and credentials in health and wellness, including a Certificate in Personal Training and Nutritional Consultation from National Personal Training Institute, Certified Life Coach though Health Coach Institute and a Certified Health Coach through Integrative Health Practitioner, Level 1 (Level 2 in progress).

Before falling in love with the world of Health Coaching, I worked as a Fitness Coach at Orangetheory Fitness, where I delivered high-energy and personalized workouts to members of all fitness levels. I also served as an Area Director at NFC Amenity Management, where I oversaw the operations and sales of 15 fitness centers across New York City. In both roles, I demonstrated my skills in team leadership, motivation, operations management, and promotional programs and project management.

I'm passionate about helping others achieve their health and life goals, and I constantly seek to expand my knowledge and skills in this field. I'm also a proud mom who balances my professional and personal responsibilities with grace and enthusiasm. I enjoy working out, walking my dogs, and baking muffins and cookies – healthy ones of course – in my spare time.

Jenna Orenstein

Jenna is an Admissions Counselor for IHPI, where her main objective is to share her excitement for this life-changing program, while also helping people decide which level of IHPI is best for them. She discovered Dr. Cabral in 2018 and ever since then has gone down a road of self-discovery regarding her own health, using the invaluable wisdom he constantly shares. She loves to spread the message of holistic, root cause healing with her community and wants to help others do the same.

Jenna resides in New York City and is in love with the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with it. To find balance, she regularly practices yoga (and is a certified instructor!) and enjoys traveling for fun, especially to Europe!

Jennifer Damato

Jennifer is an Admissions Counselor for IHPI, where her goals are to share with individuals about this life changing program and help them in deciding what enrollment option with IHPI is best for their health and business goals. She was certified as a health coach in 2018 and since then has been passionate about sharing not only her journey, but empowering others to explore health coaching for themselves. She loves to continue learning and growing as a coach and was excited to learn from Dr Cabral and become an Integrative Health Practitioner!

Jennifer lives in sunny Arizona with her husband, four daughters and two rescue dogs. She enjoys reading, hiking and baking her own bread. When she is not working or homeschooling her daughters you can find her with a cup of tea and a good book.

Joya Roberston

Joya is an Admissions Counselor for IHPI where she supports prospective students with enrollment and provides education on how IHPI stands out as the leading certification program in the health and wellness industry. Joya's life path changed in 2021 when she successfully integrated holistic health methods into her treatment of a recurrence of cancer, avoiding the originally prescribed chemotherapy and radiation. This recovery led her down the path to become an Integrative Health Practitioner herself. She currently runs her own practice, and continues to help others find the root cause of their health issues by using the functional lab education and protocols IHPI provided her.

Joya resides in North Carolina with her daughter and rescue dog and cat. She enjoys hiking, volunteering, and strength based training as well as continuing her studies in Integrative Health. Joya is passionate about spreading the education of living a healthy preventative lifestyle to the mainstream and supports IHPI's mission by helping others start their journey in the industry!