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Health Coaching Industry Growth and Opportunities

60% of U.S. adults prioritize physical health and fitness as their top area of improvement when seeking out health and wellness coaching services. Are you curious about the booming health...


Improve Sleep: 10 Tips for a Restful Night

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book." - Irish Proverb Sleep is a fundamental aspect of our lives, a natural state every...


Rebecca Flack's Success Story as a Health Coach

"Becoming an IHP and helping others has made me a better person, more understanding, more positive, confident, and happier than ever before and I feel I am growing into the...


How To Test For Candida At Home

"There is no better way to get people results than showing them the data of what their deficiencies are and what their toxicities are." -Dr. Stephen Cabral Organic acids testing...


10 Signs You Might Need a Liver Detox

"Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within." -Hippocrates Liver detoxification has a rich history spanning centuries, tracing back to ancient civilizations like India, Egypt, Greece, and China. These cultures...


How to Add a Health Coach Certification to Your Existing Skillset

Incorporating an IHP certification into your existing skill set is more than just acquiring a credential. In today's diverse professional landscape, individuals across various fields are always looking for ways...


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Welcome everyone and we have a fun throwback show for you today! We are excited to bring you the top [...]

Being a health coach is an amazing profession where you get to do rewarding work helping people to achieve their [...]

As health coaches, expanding our client base is key. With more clients, we have the opportunity to guide more individuals [...]

When a health coach is just starting out in their practice they have a tremendous advantage… You may not think [...]

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