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“20 years ago, every joint ached, and my immune system was failing from what was deemed an incurable illness. Doctors gave no hope, predicting a life dependent on medication. Overwhelmed by despair, I questioned life’s worth, unable to partake in normal activities like sports or socializing.

Then, a local “Integrative Health Practitioner” introduced the concept of underlying causes to my condition, discussing food sensitivities, adrenal imbalances, and other natural health concepts. He explained how lifestyle factors, like stress and diet, played a role in my illness. This information ignited a transformational journey through science and natural health, aiming to restore my body's health.

I immersed myself in health studies, running lab tests, and eventually meeting a mentor who integrated Functional Medicine with Ayurveda and other naturopathic approaches, leading to my recovery. I then traveled worldwide, studying various natural health practices, realizing that integrating these methods was key to holistic healing.

Now, after 250,000 client appointments and leading a major Functional Medicine practice, I invite you to explore effective healing approaches for personal and community wellness or to pursue a career as an Integrative Health Practitioner.”

Dr. Stephen Cabral

Is IHPI Right for YOU?

There are no pre-requisites required!  All you is need a passion for health, wellness and a desire to serve others. We will take care of the rest!

Of course if you do have experience in one of the fields below, this certification will help you take your career to the next level:

Currently 50% of our members inside of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute have no previous health field experience. This means that if you are interested in learning how to get an in demand Health Coaching Certification, you will be amongst many of your peers looking to achieve the same ability to learn how to heal yourself and heal others.


We guarantee that taking this Integrative Health Practitioner Certification will be one of the greatest investments in yourself that you’ve ever made. However, if for any reason you do not feel that it is worth 10X your investment we would be happy to refund you 100% with our 15-day money back guarantee. If you request a refund within 15 days and prior to starting Module 3 you will receive a 100% refund, no questions asked. That’s our promise to you.


As an IHP Member, you will be given first notification of events, seminar, tickets, program offerings and other certifications offered by Integrative Health Practitioner Institute. This means the next time our Detox Retreat, Health Coaches Weekend, Live Seminars, or other events take place you’ll be the first to know about them and get tickets before it is ever announced to the public!


You'll receive personalized IHPI emails guiding you through each step of the process, access to our comprehensive FAQ page, and membership in the private IHP community Facebook group, focused exclusively on curriculum-related inquiries and Q&A Days. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out directly via email at [email protected]. We're committed to supporting you every step of the way and ensuring your success!

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The Benefits of Becoming an IHP Certified Health Coach

Becoming a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Health Coach offers a wealth of benefits for both personal and professional growth. First and foremost, this certification empowers health coaches to embrace a holistic approach that blends ancient wisdom with modern science. By mastering foundational health principles and protocols, such as the DESTRESS Method developed by Dr. Stephen Cabral, IHPs gain the tools needed to address clients' needs in a comprehensive, individualized manner. This approach emphasizes addressing root causes rather than merely treating symptoms, ultimately helping clients achieve optimal wellness.

From a professional standpoint, the IHP certification distinguishes health coaches in a competitive market by demonstrating their expertise and commitment to evidence-based practices. It allows them to offer a wider range of services, including personalized wellness plans, functional lab assessments, and preventative strategies tailored to each client's unique health goals. This comprehensive training enables practitioners to cultivate a deeper understanding of various disciplines, including Ayurvedic Medicine and functional nutrition, enhancing their ability to design customized care strategies.

Another significant benefit is the strong support network available to IHP-certified coaches. The Integrative Health Practitioner Institute fosters a global community of like-minded professionals dedicated to holistic health and wellness. This supportive environment encourages collaboration, continuous learning, and sharing of best practices, helping coaches stay current with industry trends and breakthroughs. Additionally, the institute offers ongoing resources, mentorship, and advanced training opportunities to further refine coaches' skills and keep them at the forefront of integrative health.

Ultimately, becoming an IHP-certified health coach equips individuals with the knowledge and confidence to guide clients on their wellness journeys. They can empower clients to take charge of their health, make informed lifestyle changes, and establish sustainable habits for lasting transformation. This certification opens doors to new career opportunities and allows health coaches to positively impact the lives of clients and communities, fulfilling their passion for holistic health.

Check out the Level 2 Curriculum

BONUS: IHP Business Course: Create a Career You Love (Value $3,997)

As a valued member of the IHP Community we’ve created an IHP Beginner’s Business Course (Value $3,997) exclusively for our IHPs who complete Level 1 of our IHP Certification!

This course will give you the blueprint for how to start and grow your business. In our new IHP Business Course you’ll learn:

     • The IHP Success Mindset

     • Charging for Services

     • Systems and Operations

     • Growing Your Business

     • Marketing & Social Media

We’ve seen other Health Coaching Certifications in the industry charging $3000-$5000 for similar courses, but it was so important to us to provide it as a free bonus, as part of our IHP Certification, because we want you to finish with the knowledge and confidence to create a career doing what you love – helping as many people as possible start their journey towards wellness!


This Month Only: BONUS LAB When You Sign Up

For this month only, if you enroll in Levels 1 + 2  now, you’ll receive an additional bonus gift – Your choice of a Men’s or Women’s Wellness Test. (up to a $249 value!)

This at-home lab kit come with a 30-Minute Health Coaching call to help you understand the labs results and put the information into action. This is a great way to learn about functional medicine lab testing by assessing your own health data!

*Lab Kit will be mailed to you upon graduating Level 1 (Limited-time offer – must complete labs within 6 months of receipt)

*US law prohibits shipment of lab products to the States of New York and Washington.

*International – Please visit this page to see if we can ship to you:

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IHP Level 1 Certification

*Limited Time Pricing*
$ 2,490 (Save $2,000 today)

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  • Everything in DESTRESS Protocol +
  • Module Assessments
  • Private IHP FB Group
  • Monthly FB lives with Dr. Cabral
  • Listed on the IHP Practitioner Page
  • IHP Ambassador Opportunity
  • IHP Designation
  • Eligible for IHP L2
  • VIP Level Benefits
  • Lifetime Access to Curriculum

IHP Level 1 & 2 Bundle Certification

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  • Everything in IHP Level 1 Certification +
  • 100+ Hours of Teaching
  • IHP L1 & L2 Modules
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  • All L1 & L2 Slide Presentations
  • IHP L2 Designation
  • Join Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Eligible for Mastery
  • Case Study Archives
  • Ability to Recommend Labs
Best Deal

IHP Level 1 Certification
$4,490 $2,490
(Save $2,000 today)
Limited Time Pricing*

IHP Level 1 & 2 Bundle Certification
$7,990 $4,990
(Save $3,000 today)
Best Deal - Recommended*

Payment Plan Available
6 payments of $457 (Total $2742)
Charged every 30 days

Payment Plan Available
6 payments of $915 (Total $5490)
Charged every 30 days

IHP Level 1 Certification
$4,490 $2,490
(Save $2,000 today)
Limited Time Pricing*

Payment Plan Available
6 payments of $457 (Total $2742)
Charged every 30 days

IHP Level 1 & 2 Bundle Certification
$7,990 $4,990
(Save $3,000 today)
Best Deal - Recommended*

Payment Plan Available
6 payments of $915 (Total $5490)
Charged every 30 days

Enjoy the ability to pay over time

We have partnered with companies who allow our students to pay for their certifications over time. Choose between payment plans that range in time from 6 months to 3 years.




Recent IHP Graduates

IHP Certified Health Coaches are trained experts in behavior and motivation, partnering with clients who aspire to enhance their well-being. They provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and motivation to foster sustainable lifestyle changes.

In addition to advising on nutrition, fitness plans, stress management, and broader lifestyle adjustments, IHP Certified Health Coaches are also skilled in interpreting At-Home Functional Lab results. This unique expertise enables them to offer tailored guidance that aligns with individual health needs.

Effective IHP Certified Health Coaches are known for their motivational support and consistent demonstration of unconditional positive regard, empowering clients to believe in and achieve significant lifestyle transformations.

Our program offers several unique advantages compared to other health coaching certification programs:

1.    We integrate best-in-class coaching fundamentals with Dr. Cabral's DESTRESS Protocol.
2.    Our modules are carefully crafted to optimize knowledge retention and skill development in a condensed timeframe, avoiding the extended duration of typical 6- or 12-month programs.
3.    Our curriculum includes multiple monthly opportunities for live Q&A sessions with Dr. Cabral and certified IHPs, providing direct support to students.
4.    IHPI's comprehensive certification pathway enables continuous professional growth in the health and wellness industry. It covers the DESTRESS Protocol in IHP Level 1, at-home functional medicine lab testing & respective wellness protocols in IHP Level 2, leading to advanced testing in IHP Level 3. Additionally, we offer specialized certifications like High Performance Health and Mastery, providing a holistic approach to practitioner development.
5.    Our commitment to student success extends beyond graduation, with ongoing support through our online practitioner directory and dedicated Facebook groups. If you’re interested in learning more about what sets our Health Coach Certifications apart, we encourage you to schedule a call with one of our Admissions Counselors.

The Integrative Health Practitioner Institute provides robust support and resources for its graduates, ensuring they have the tools needed for ongoing professional development and success. Our program grants lifetime access to educational materials, along with continuous support and development opportunities.

We facilitate focused study sessions exclusively for alumni, allowing them to gain valuable real-world insights and inspiration from industry experts and seasoned health coaches. Additionally, we host The Integrative Health Coach Success Podcast, which is dedicated to helping our coaches develop their businesses. The podcast covers crucial topics such as marketing, pricing services, client acquisition, group coaching integration, and more.

To further assist alumni in establishing their own businesses, we include a complimentary business certification in Level 1. This certification is crafted to help graduates discover their true potential as coaches or entrepreneurs, ignite their creativity, reshape their mindset for success, and connect with a community of supportive, like-minded professionals. It also provides strategies to overcome fear and step into a role of power and confidence, enabling them to create and sustain abundance.

The Integrative Health Practitioner Institute offers its certification online, utilizing streaming video, live sessions, and downloadable materials. Students need to have the following to participate effectively:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • A laptop or desktop computer with a Zoom account (free version is sufficient)
  • Familiarity with using Zoom
  • Access to a printer

We guarantee that enrolling in the Integrative Health Practitioner Certification will be a transformative investment in your personal health, wellness, anti-aging, and vitality. It also equips you with the expertise to teach these principles to others as a practitioner. However, if you feel that this program does not provide at least 10 times the value of your investment, we offer a 100% refund within 15 days of your purchase, no questions asked. This full refund is available if you request it within the first 15 days and before beginning Module 3 of the certification. That's our promise to you.