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147: Finding Your Path with Dr. Jennifer Hasenyager

Do you feel stuck?

You might have a career or job but it doesn’t light you up inside.

What would it feel like to wake up each morning with a passion and purpose?

On today’s show we talk with Dr. Jennifer Hasenyager. Dr. Jennifer is the VP of the Health Sciences Educational Division at EquiLife and an active faculty member for IHP Mastery.

Dr. Jennifer shares with us about her former career in conventional medicine and how, after years of practice, she chose to transition to functional medicine and ultimately found her calling in energy medicine.

Dr. Jennifer provides insight for those who may be feeling as if they aren’t truly aligned with the work they are doing and offers suggestions on how to find fulfillment and seek out your calling in this world.

To learn more about aligning the work you are doing in the world with who you are join us on the Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 147– Enjoy the show!

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