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233: Whole Family Health with Kelly Meehan

As a parent, seeing your child struggle is one of the hardest things…

And when it comes to their health, we want to do everything we can to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition they need.

On today’s show we talk with Kelly Meehan.

Kelly is a Pediatric Optometrist and Integrative Health Practitioner with a passion for working with children and their families dealing with gut based imbalances.

Kelly shares with us the importance of addressing foundational aspects in children’s health and how we can set them up for success when changes need to be made.

In this episode, we discuss how modeling behavior for your children and having a supportive family unit will lead to a greater outcome for everyone involved and how it can transform the entire family’s health trajectory.

To learn more about whole family health join us on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 233 – Enjoy the show!

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