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242: Beware of the Busyness Trap

I think most of us can say that we live pretty busy lives and we don’t have a lot of downtime…

And in business you may think you are always being productive and working diligently –

However, is your hard work moving you forward in your career?

It’s an important question to ask and reflect on honestly, since being busy does not always correlate with success…

Tune into today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess episode 242 to discover why you must beware of the busyness trap – Enjoy the show and let us know what you thought in the comments!

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Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


1. Time Tracking

Have you ever used a time tracker throughout your day to see what you spend the most time on? It can be eye opening and enable you to see if you’re truly working on your most important tasks – One caveat is not to change your normal routine just because you’re observing yourself.

2. Your Coaching Schedule

Are you working off of a to-do list or a schedule? If it’s a to-list then you are most likely allowing tasks to take as long as needed instead of giving them a time frame parameter. .

3. Using the 80-20 Rule

20% of the things you do in any area of your life enable you to get 80% of the results you enjoy. Focus on putting the 1-2 tasks first in your day to ensure they get done that will have the most effect on moving your business forward..