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283: Peak Behind the Scenes of a Master Digital Marketer for Health Coaches & Influencers

We’re thrilled to welcome Kate to our IHP Success Podcast family.

As the IHP Director of Success and Business Growth Advisor, Kate was the perfect choice to take over for Julia as the new co-host of the IHP Success Podcast.

She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in health coaching, business building, strategy, digital marketing, and working with the most challenging health cases.

After a lifetime (over 20 years) of fighting for her own health and finally overcoming her root causes and imbalances through IHP, she’s passionate about helping others combine integrative wellness with business to change the health of generations.

Kate will be bringing a fresh twist to the podcast, continuing with powerful interviews and teaching advanced growth and success tactics.

Tune in to today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast episode 283 to hear Kate’s powerful story, feel her passion for helping others succeed, and get a taste of what she’ll be doing to support IHPs and health coaches in the future.

Join us in welcoming Kate and enjoy the show.

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