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303: Understanding the Legal Aspects of a Health Coaching Business

Running your own business can bring significant reward, but it also entails certain risks.

Understanding the legal aspects of running your business is crucial to safeguard both yourself and your clients from unforeseen events.

On today’s show we talk with Cory Sterling.

Cory is a heart leading lawyer and founder of Law is Fun.

Cory has been serving the health coaching industry for over 6 years, providing them with legal expertise that is niche to this specific industry.

In this episode we dive into all things law and what that means for the health coaching community.

Cory shares his knowledge on a variety of topics including:

– How to have a strong legal position
– Legal agreements every health coach needs
– Specific agreements needed for the digital world
– Unique risks health coaches face
– And much more.

To learn more about understanding the legal aspects of a health coaching business, join us on today's Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast episode 303. Enjoy the show and share your thoughts with us!

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