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028: How Many Clients Do You Need to Be Successful?

It’s said that we often overestimate the amount of work we need to do in the short term, which in turn prevents us from ever getting started at all…

But what if you knew that success was inevitable and that becoming a successful coach was simply a numbers game?

After I discovered this I felt much more confident at giving my all to the field that I love by helping those who need what I can offer…

So to find out how to simplify your success and discover how many clients you need to be successful tune into today’s Integrative Health Coach Success podcast 028 for all the details – Enjoy the show!

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Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


1. Decide on Your Income Goal
It’s difficult to ever hit a goal if you never set one in the first place – What do you have to strive for?

2. Decide How Many Hours You Will Work
Once you know your income goal you will need to divide that by the number of hours you are able to work. Are you able to charge that for your services?

3. Only Offer Packages
Unless you want to struggle every month we do not recommend you offer one-off appointments – they do not help the client get the results they want and you won’t earn the income you deserve.


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