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038: Use “Lunch & Learns” to Attract More Clients & Build Your Brand

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to grow your brand is to start small…

This means ensuring everyone in your local community knows that you are the go-to person for your particular service…

And, “lunch & learns” just happen to be one of the best ways to attract more clients and build your brand at the same time!

So on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 038 I will be detailing how to set up and complete short, 30-minute lunch and learns that you can do in your local community – Enjoy the show and let us know what you thought!

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  1. Networking and Connecting
    The success of your practice will depend on how well you network and connect with the local community businesses. Set a goal for yourself, pick three businesses a week and physically go and introduce yourself and your services.
  2. Ideal Businesses to Target
    Businesses with thirty people or less is a great starting point, some of my most successful connections have been with small law firms, real estate offices, and small mortgage companies.
  3. Best Practices
    Piggybacking off the weekly staff meetings is the best method to ensure you will have an active audience. Remember to keep it short, make the topic generalized so it will appeal to the whole audience, no more than 2-3 takeaways, end with a free consultation offer that they can schedule easily on the spot.


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