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044: How Adding At-Home Lab Testing To Your Practice Can Be Game Changing (Webinar)

The future of the health & fitness industry is changing…

There's more competition than ever, and now everyone can compete with anyone virtually for clients in any location…

This isn't a bad thing because with more people talking about health & fitness there will be more people interested in working with you…

But, when it comes time for a client to choose who to work with they will need a reason as to why they should choose you over another person or company…

In my opinion, the ability to run Functional Medicine at-home lab testing can be the difference-maker in a client looking for a more personal approach…

So on today's #HealthCoachSuccess Podcast 044 I'd like to share with you how adding at-home lab testing to your practice can be a game-changer – Enjoy the show and let us know what you thought!

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Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


  1. Seeking Answers
    Conventional medicine lab results only give a small snapshot of the picture, adding in Functional Medicine at home labs offers a deeper look into the root causes allowing for a whole picture view to healing.
  2. Individualism Thrives
    Naturopathic medicine with the use of at-home labs allows a look behind the curtain at the individual vs. mass grouping lab results. 
  3. Added Service for Clients
    Functional Medicine at home labs allows the practitioner to offer a service that will allow the client’s specific root causes to be addressed instead of the one size fits all method of conventional labs.


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