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061: The Journey from Corporate Career to Health Coach

Have you had that lightbulb moment?

The one where you realize that the information you have learned during your own health journey needs to be shared.

Do you feel a pull to help others overcome their heath issues just as you have?

For many people, their own health journey has motivated them to learn more about Integrative Health and start a business helping others get to the root cause of their dis-ease.

But leaving a conventional career to start over with something new can be scary and uncertain.
On today’s podcast, Andrea Johnson shares her story on overcoming major health issues and how the path she took led her to leave her corporate financial career.

She shares her “lightbulb moment” during her health journey where she knew the information she had learned was incredibly valuable and needed to be shared with the world.

To learn more about the journey from a corporate career to becoming an Integrative Health Coach tune into today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 061. Enjoy the Show!

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