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Ways to Make Money with Your IHP Certification

From Certification to Cash Flow: How IHPs Can Create a Thriving Business

As a health coach, you can make a significant income through your 1-on-1 coaching packages, but how much time you’re willing to commit to 1-on-1 or group coaching is different for everyone. Maybe you only have the energy to see 1-2 clients a day? Or maybe you aren’t super excited about the health coaching part of it at all and want to find ways to make a living by sharing your health knowledge online. Health Coach making money as an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP). Spreading health is why we're all here! But we also need to make money to support this mission, and creating additional revenue streams for your business is a great way to guarantee you’ll be successful!

Diverse Revenue Streams: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your IHP Education

With an IHP education, you can earn money by sharing your gift in countless ways.  You can do any or all of these!  Just don’t spread yourself too thin too quickly. You’ll be the most successful by choosing 1 or 2 and going deep before adding more layers. If you’re already seeing clients 1-on-1, each of these revenue streams can provide more value to your current clients AND help you acquire new clients. Let’s dive into how you can make money with your IHP education!

1. Your 1-on-1 Private Practice

— Both online and in person.  This can be 1-off consultations, 3-6 month packages, etc.  You can create multiple levels of packages depending on the transformation the person is looking to experience.  Start with one offering, and if you add a 2nd, make sure it’s different enough that there is no confusion!

2. Create A Signature Program

– This allows you to combine 1-on-1 coaching with lab tests, supplements, protocols, and other deliverables!  This allows you to charge a premium price and provide more support.

3. Online Courses

— These are evergreen assets that can supplement your coaching packages or be sold as stand-alone offers. You can create them around any transformation you’d like.  They can be as low as $7 and as high as $5,000. Woman hosting an online workshop

4. Workshops

— You can create mini-workshops or masterclasses around a specific topic and teach it live.  You can then record it and sell it as an evergreen asset or a lead magnet to generate emails.

5. Ebooks

— The sky is the limit with this one!  You can create short and sweet ebooks to use as lead magnets or full-length books. There isn’t really a limit to what you can do with ebooks.  Every one you create is an evergreen asset that can be used to support your clients and bring in new clients.

6. Supplement Sales

— We all know supplements will help your clients and followers reach their end goal faster, provide support, and address specific concerns. You can recommend supplements to clients through social media and build your monthly recurring affiliate commissions.

7. Affiliate and Network Marketing

— As health coaches, we always recommend products.  People come to us for suggestions, so why not make some money in the meantime?  We can recommend supplements, saunas, air filters, and clean makeup; the list could go on forever.  Look for products you already use and love, and scroll to the bottom of their website to see if they have an affiliate program.  Focus on programs with high commissions or recurring monthly models (think EquiLife). EquiLife has one of the best programs in the industry (I’ve worked with over 200!). Do NOT spread yourself too thin. Focus on a handful that has significantly impacted you and your health, complements your current offerings, and can give your audience more value.

8. Start a Free Community

— FB groups, discord channels, and other free communities are an amazing way to build an engaged audience that will be ready to buy when you have something to offer. Create an online community for gaining clients

9. Start a Paid Membership Community

— You can create a monthly membership that provides recurring income and allows you to focus more on group coaching, filling the community, and retaining your current members.  It’s a very powerful option and easily scalable.

10. Be a Content Creator

— Being a wellness content creator allows you to work with brands and make money from collaborations. You can create content FOR them or get paid to post on your platforms. You can also get paid by social platforms if your audience is large enough.

11. Sell Your Services

— There are a LOT of other health coaches and wellness professionals out there looking for help with social media, newsletter writing, blog writing, etc. You can even put your services up on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

12. Work with a Local Wellness Business as Their In-House Health Coach

— If you don’t want to go the entrepreneur route and have to focus on building your own customer base, you can find local wellness pros and approach them about working in-house.  You can also find some larger online health coaching platforms and apply to be one of their coaches.

13. Run Corporate Wellness Programs

— Many corporations are now bringing in someone to run their wellness programs to help their employees stay healthy!

14. Schedule Free Speaking Engagements

— Approach your local gyms and offer to run a class on healthy weight loss, detoxing, etc.  This will help you gain clients. Woman on stage at a speaking engagement

15. Get Paid To Speak

— If speaking on stage or on Zoom is a superpower, you can apply to speak at conferences. You’ll have to do some free ones for a while to get your name out there, but eventually, it can become a paid gig.

16. Write A Book

— Books are a great way to turn you into an authority and earn extra income.

17. Run Wellness Retreats

— This is fun if you want to go all in on hosting your own multi-day in-person event!

18. Run A Challenge

— These are often free and a GREAT way to gain new clients and lifetime fans, but you can also create free low-ticket challenges!

19. Create Your Own Product

— Maybe you’ve always been passionate about clean skincare, coffee alternatives, cleaning supplies, etc.  This takes a LOT more time, money, and effort, but if this is your vibe, go for it!

20. Create a Subscription Box

— This is a fun one!  Every month, you include new favorites or just deliver a handcrafted combination of healthy treats every month.

21. Run Online Cooking Classes

— If cooking is your specialty, you can teach people how to cook healthy meals.

22. Start A Podcast or YouTube Channel

— This is a great way to build your brand, but you will also have the ability to monetize it as it gets bigger.

23. Run Paid Ads

— No matter your offer, you can run paid ads to boost your revenue. I hope this got your wheels spinning and shows you what’s possible!  These are all fun ways to make money with your IHP education and supplement your coaching income! Don’t feel like the ONLY way you can make money is through 1-on-1 coaching.  The sky's the limit if you commit and take action. If you have additional questions, or would like 1-on-1 guidance building your business, reach out to [email protected]. If you are interested in pursuing a career in health coaching, you can learn more about our IHP certifications here. For more ways to help create a firm foundation for your business, read our blog The Foundations Every Business Needs.

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