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What’s Included

Level 2 of the IHP Certification goes in-depth on 7 of the most essential Functional Labs Dr. Cabral uses in his own private practice to help discover root causes of symptoms, often named as “disease”. It contains over 68 hours of videos that include lessons on why each lab should be run, who should run it, how to understand the lab results, and various protocols to help rebalance the body. Dr. Cabral reveals the exact recommendations he uses in his private practice to help people find a healthy, balanced body and mind!

Every module includes case studies taken directly from Dr. Cabral’s private practice, and includes the exact handouts and protocols he recommends! All modules and course materials are delivered right online with your private member log-in.

Upon graduating from Level 2 you have the option to order labs for your own clients through Equilibrium Nutrition! You can begin whenever you are ready and move at your own pace. A new module will open up every week from the day that you enroll.

Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2

Module 1: Welcome to IHP Level 2

It is time to stop guessing and start testing! In this first module of level 2, I will teach you my standardized system to break down every lab and how to learn and retain the information. This includes why and who should run a lab, how to run it, what it looks like, what the markers mean, real-world case studies, specific protocols and when to re-test and make modifications. You will learn how to truly help someone heal and
discover the underlying root causes of any imbalances. You’ll gain access to our private IHP2 Facebook Group, which is a special privilege only for level 2 IHP students and graduates!

Module 2: Food Sensitivity Testing

Many people today have food allergies or sensitivities. You or a loved one may suffer from headaches, skin or mood issues and have no idea why! In this FST module, you will learn how simple it can be to take a blood spot test right at home. With all of this information, you will have the ability to help others to heal and seal their gut and drastically reduce the level and number of sensitivities they have. By the end of this module, you will feel confident in reading this lab and developing a plan to help others reduce sensitivities and the adverse symptoms that come along with them.

Module 3: Parasite & Bacteria Stool Testing

The majority of “dis-eases” of the body start in the gut. If you know anyone with a chronic disease or any type of digestive problem, it is time to run a Stool Test. You will learn all about the different kinds of parasites and bacteria and how harmful they are to the body. I’ll teach you the exact natural protocols that I use with my private clients to remove the parasites, restore a healthy balance of bacteria and then heal the gut lining. After completing this module, you will understand the signs and symptoms to know who is at risk and most likely to have parasites, H. Pylori, and other pathogens. With the specific natural healing protocols, you will be able to help get rid of them and have a healthy digestive system once again.

Module 4: Organic Acids Testing

Anyone with bloating, gas, fatigue, mood or neurological disorders should run this lab. We recommend this lab to provide detailed data on which specific yeast, bacteria, neurotransmitter, detox, energy, or vitamin issues need to be addressed. In this module, you will learn all about the 75 biomarkers in this lab. I teach you what the biomarker is or does, how it correlates with the other markers, why it may be elevated, what are potential symptoms when it is
elevated and ultimately what to suggest when they are elevated. You will learn all about the CBO Protocol and the details of how to adapt the different digestive healing protocols, to help people truly heal from root cause level.

Module 5: Omega-3 Testing

Inflammation is a serious problem and many people do not
realize how out of balance their Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios are. You will learn how to read this simple at-home lab test and help people through diet and supplementation to bring a healthy balance to their ratos. In order to help others optimize their heart or cardiovascular health, it is extremely important to reduce inflammation in the body. I will teach you all about the different foods rich and Omega-3 and also the exact supplement dosages necessary to restore the optimal balance. By implementing these supplementation protocols to reduce inflammation in the body and improve cardiovascular health, this simple and straightforward lab test could save a person’s life.

Module 6: Adrenal Hormone Testing

People are stressed out, anxious and depressed and they may not even realize how much of an impact their cortisol levels and hormones affect their mind, body, and mood. This lab is the place to start when looking at how your hormones, nervous system, and stress are affecting your overall health. With this simple saliva collection, you can learn all about whether your hormones are in a healthy balance or if your cortisol levels are too high or too low. I will teach you how to help people implement protocols to restore a healthy balance and have energy and peace of mind once again.

Module 7: Thyroid Adrenal Hormone Testing

With the TAH, we’ll take a closer look at hormone balance, cortisol levels, metabolism and the thyroid. This is an amazing test to help people learn the underlying root cause of why weight loss has been a challenge and why there may be issues with the thyroid. Through this saliva collection and simple
blood spot test, other data also included is vitamin D levels, fasting insulin and hemoglobin A1C. After learning how to read this lab, you will be able to implement healing protocols to help people achieve their weight loss and wellness goals, support their thyroid and have energy and vitality they didn’t know was even possible.

Module 8: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing

We need to be aware of our exposure to all the toxins and heavy metals around us! You may have too much copper, aluminium, lead or any other heavy metal toxicity that is causing a variety of adverse symptoms. You could be deficient in magnesium, zinc or other essential minerals. In this module I teach you all about the different toxic metals and minerals and explain how they can affect the body. You will learn all about the protocols we use in our practice to restore a healthy balance. By removing the toxicities and replacing the deficiencies, rebalancing the body, you will help your clients to be free from many debilitating symptoms and restore new levels of energy

Module 9: Take Your Health Coaching Career to the Next Level

In this module, you will learn how to develop a successful career as a Level 2 Integrative Health Practitioner! I will teach you how to develop multiple client package options, give you tips on how to charge appropriate rates for your services and give you pricing models that you may choose to incorporate into your practice. You will get to see actual consultations and
how I work with a client to review her Big 5 Labs. Once you have completed your graduation requirements and have attained proof of insurance, you will get details on accessing the private IHP Lab Collection page. This career-building material will help give you the confidence you need to begin your work as an IHP2!

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