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Discover How to Turn Back the Clock on Aging
to Help Your Clients (and Yourself) to Reignite Their Energy, Mood & Metabolism

Discover How to Turn Back the Clock on Aging to Help Your Clients (and Yourself) to Reignite Their Energy, Mood & Metabolism



Are you ready to take your coaching career to the next level?  

Are you prepared for the future of health and fitness coaching?

It’s time to become a Certified High Performance Health Coach and help your clients achieve the highest level of results!

You’re about to learn how to use state-of-the-art health breakthroughs to optimize your client's peak performance. 

You will learn everything you need to know to enhance every system of the body and brain. Here are just some of the benefits:

If you want to become the leading coach in your field and add the most advanced healthy biohacking strategies into your client’s protocols and programming, the HPH™ Coach certification is for you.

Inside of the High Performance Health Certification, you will learn directly from Dr. Stephen Cabral using real world protocols proven to work in the latest scientific research. These are cutting-edge programs that Dr. Cabral uses with his private clients (and himself) every day in order to achieve extraordinary levels of energy, metabolism, and cognitive output.




High Performance Health (HPH™) is unlike anything you’ve experienced before-
It is one part education and one part action.

This means you won’t just be learning about theories and ideas of what may be true, but instead you’ll discover the real world advances in health, hormones, peak performance, and longevity that few people know about…

Are you looking to:

If you’re looking to maximize your life in every area where energy and mindset are needed, then the High Performance Health course and certification will help you do just that –

Speak with our team today to learn more about HPH and how it can help elevate you and your practice.


Each HPH™ Certification module is designed to maximize your understanding of the key concepts needed in order to grasp the latest advances in high performance health & longevity, as well as then be able to immediately implement them in the real world.

A new module is released every 2 weeks. You’ll receive one video seminar from Dr. Stephen Cabral on a specific topic related to High Performance Health & Longevity (outlined below), plus an additional video on the step-by-step instructions and cheat sheet on how to take action to start seeing results right away.



Why We


In this module you’ll learn why humans age and what causes us to age faster or slower. You’ll discover the 12 factors for aging and the levers you can pull to dramatically reverse the aging process. Plus, you’ll learn the very latest science as to why leading researchers believe within the next 10 years we will be able to actually pause aging.


First Step,

Don't Die

The title for this module is a bit tongue in cheek, but as Dr. Cabral tells all of his private clients, “we just need to keep you as healthy as possible for the next 10-15 years because if we can do that you will get to take advantage of revolutionary age reversal processes being developed right now.” Having said that, Dr. Cabral will share with you the most cutting-edge lab testing known to only the leading doctors and scientists in the country. Plus, you’ll discover what 7 biometrics you should be tracking daily to improve healthspan and lifespan.


The Only 



All of the leading Biogerontologist scientists agree that there is no need for argument or debate when it comes to diet and nutrition for longevity. It’s been long proven as to what helps people live healthily past 90 years old when the average lifespan is 74-77 years old in the United States. In this module you will learn exactly how to use intermittent fasting, meal plan timing & structure, as well as the exact foods to eat that turn on longevity genes.


Exercise &


Under-exercise and you’ll age faster. Over-exercise and you’ll do the same… So how do you know what is the right type? And, should you be doing weights, HIIT, sprints, METCON, Tabata, or cardio workouts? Or, is it enough just to get enough steps on a daily basis? In this HPH Course, you’ll be able to easily understand all these answers and how to create the right program for you. In addition to the HPH exercise plans you’ll discover the 5 movements practiced by Tibetan Monks to extend healthspan and lifespan.



& Stress


There is a lot of confusion right now over hormone replacement therapy and what is best for living the healthiest, most vibrant, and longest life possible. Dr. Cabral will teach you about your hormonal health and balance and how you can find the proper balance between too low and too high that will cause health issues in either direction. You’ll also learn what to do and how to modulate stress which will naturally improve hormone health, peak performance, and longevity.





This may be the first time you’ve heard about REDOX or you’ve only had a brief introduction as to what it is in the past. The goal of HPH™ is to empower you with the most crucial factors needed for you to live a life of a high performer. Without improving REDOX and mitochondrial health you will begin to lose your “charge” or battery life as you get older. We’ll share the science behind these discoveries and the exact methods to recharge your cellular batteries to get back a life of energy, passion, and purpose.


HPH™ Brain


Are you worried about dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other brain and neurological issues as you age? Don’t be. Inside of HPH™ you’ll learn the early warning signs, lab tests, and other methods to detect brain deterioration decades in advance. Plus, if there are any current issues we’ll share the scientifically proven plans for reversing brain related aging issues and the exact Alzheimer’s Protocol.





In this module we’ll cover how to max out Deep & REM sleep for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced. Plus, we’ll share how to implement Dr. Cabral’s NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) Protocols, as well as other health biohacks for turning off sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight) while turning on the healing parasympathetic nervous system. This is a can’t miss module especially since high performers need to improve their recovery or they will burn out over time and shorten their lifespan.





Confused about NMN, resveratrol, fisetin, quercetin, PQQ, CoQ10, or other recommended anti-aging supplements? Dr. Cabral will break down the science from an unbiased perspective, talk about what doses are safe for each product, and let you know exactly what he has been using himself and in his private practice for years. You will then be informed as to what works and what doesn’t so you can make the best decision for you and where you are in your life right now.





We have to understand that we are not machines and much of our health and longevity comes from the way that we frame our life and think about our future. Therefore, no High Performance Health course would be complete without focusing on the power of expectation, purpose, and something worth fighting for. Dr. Cabral will share his own personal philosophies and what he has seen work over the years, as well as what we know from centenarians that have much wisdom to share with us.


The HPH™ 


Ready to learn about the most cutting-edge and healthy biohacking advantages in the wellness and longevity field? The HPH™ Protocol is hands-down the fastest way to enjoy the benefits of full body rejuvenation based on the latest science surrounding sauna, red light, PEMF, cold exposure, anaerobic exercise, and oxygen therapy. The HPH™ Protocol will take everything you’ve learned to this point and put it into one easy to implement 20-minute routine you can do 4-5x a week. Not only is it proven to work, but you will feel and see the difference within weeks.



Back Your



If you ran your Biological Age Test, it is now time to discover your results. Whether they were spot on for your chronological age, or maybe even a decade older, the good news is that you can reverse your rate of aging. This is no longer the talk of science-fiction, but instead a thriving field of research proving that age reversal is possible through the methods you learned inside of this HPH™ Course. Plus, you’ll be able to retest your results every 6 months to ensure you are aging backwards and on the right protocols for you.

Speak with our team today to learn more about HPH and how it can help elevate you and your practice.


One of the unique features of the High Performance Health Coach Certification is that not only will you receive an easy to understand education on the state-of-the-art healthy biohacking, body transformation, and anti-aging protocols, but you will also receive help and guidance along the way.
Each month, Members will be invited to a live workshop to demonstrate the wearable devices, education, and protocols that you received over the past few weeks. In addition, there is an open Q&A, where HPH™ students may ask their questions and get specific guidance from Dr. Cabral and the HPH™ experts.


One of the unique features of the Health Performance Health Coach Certification is that not only will you receive an easy to understand education on the state-of-the-art healthy biohacking, body transformation, and anti-aging protocols, but you will also receive help and guidance along the way.
Each month members will be invited to a live workshop to demonstrate the wearable devices, education, and protocols that you received over the past few weeks. In addition, there is an open Q&A, where HPH students may ask their questions and get specific guidance from Dr. Cabral and the HPH experts.



Members will receive lifetime access to Dr. Cabral's HPH™ Course. You also get to take advantage of module updates as they become available in the future, so you’ll always be in the know as to what are the most advanced research methods to improve health and extend lifespan. 

The HPH™ Coaching Certification isn’t for everyone. If you’re following the High Performance Health lifestyle, you are a high performer, or looking to become one then we need to find others like us. This private Facebook group enables only HPH™ Coaching Certification members to connect, ask questions, cheer each other on, and be informed about exclusive HPH™ Coach-only events and content. This is a huge value and you won’t want to miss the amazing connections you’ll make in our High Performance Health Coach group.

Private HPH™
Coach Community


The HPH™ Coach Certification is run by the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute (IHP™) founded by Dr. Stephen Cabral in 2018 in order to teach the next generation of health coaches. IHP has enrolled close to 5,000 students from around the world, who believe in our shared mission to provide others with hope and the protocols needed to heal. 

It is one of the most powerful and caring communities in the world, where we provide each other a deep level of support through online groups, connection, weekly, live, Q&A's, and new student onboarding. Every certified HPH or IHP Coach can have the peace of mind knowing that the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute provides the latest breakthroughs in natural health and advanced sciences. Plus, IHP has all of the highest level of accreditations from around the world.


Once you pass the HPH™ Certification Module exams you will become a Certified HPH™ Health Coach. This means you may now use the HPH credentials after your name, such as Julia Hayes, IHP2, HPH. This lets colleagues and clients know you have the knowledge and ability to help them as a Certified High Performance Health Coach!

As a bonus, you will also be among the first to start getting coaching leads for those people looking for High Performance Health Coaching as shared on the Cabral Concept podcast, which receives close to 3 million listens per month. Your name will go on the new Practitioners tab where interested clients will go to find Certified HPH™ Coaches


Our HPH™ Certification Members will get the Biological Age Test. This is the most advanced at-home lab test to discover your rate of aging. With just a few drops of blood from your finger, our lab will be able to assess thousands of methylation points and share with you your true biological age. Regardless of how many chronological age birthdays you’ve celebrated, this test will provide you with far greater accuracy than your real age. And of course, you’ll then learn everything you need inside of this High Performance Health course to reverse biological age and grow younger every year!

(Note: This is a $499 value. Internationally available in Canada, most of Europe, & Australia. Please contact your admissions counselor for more info if needed)

There’s no doubt about it that once you become certified as an HPH™ Coach, you will stand out from the field as one of the leading practitioners clients are looking for. The health, wellness, fitness, and anti-aging industry is changing at a rapid rate, and we want you to be prepared to meet the demands of your clients. Wearable and biometric technology is becoming commonplace, and once you understand how to be able to interpret that data, you are going to want to be able to then use our advanced HPH™ protocols in order to move those numbers in a positive direction. When you are able to do this for your clients they will be happily amazed and word of mouth will spread about your virtual or in-person practice. 

We want to make sure that you are on the forefront as one of the leaders that will be transforming the way that we view health and we look forward to having you inside of the High Performance Health Certification!

You Will Be the Expert in Your Field


If you’re ready to jump to the top of your field and you want to learn all of the latest breakthroughs in age reversal and total body rejuvenation, the HPH Certification holds those answers. We’re excited to debut this course and certification in one of the most client sought-after services. You will be able to proudly show your credentials as having passed the highest level of education and proven protocols in this field. Get ready to take your own health and career to the next level with the HPH™ Coach Certification!


(Save $2000)




6-Month Payment Plan



Speak with our team today to learn more about HPH and how it can help elevate you and your practice.



Dr. Stephen Cabral is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and founder of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute & EquiLife. He opened Boston’s largest Functional Medicine wellness center over 10 years ago and saw more than 250,000 client appointments before moving his practice online to help people all over the world. Dr. Cabral overcame his own health issues that lasted from childhood through 27 years old when he met Dr. Margaret Peet, his mentor, who helped him understand how to reverse his multiple complex diseases. Dr. Cabral has since published his Integrative Health methodologies and Detox protocols in his #1 best-selling book, the Rain Barrel Effect, as well as on his podcast, the Cabral Concept, which now has over 50 million downloads and is a top 10 Alternative Health show.


“For 7 years now, Dr. Stephen Cabral has crafted a personal wellness plan that has me feeling better at 43 than I did at 35. By a long shot. It feels great to know that I have someone with his level of expertise and care guiding me on improving every aspect of my health, from sleep, to nutrition, to exercise. If you want to live a total optimized life, Dr. Cabral is the one person I know that can deliver!”



“I’ve been working with Dr. Stephen Cabral since 2017 and he has changed mine and my family’s life. Not only is he brilliant at what he does, he is so kind and really cares about you. He is extremely thorough, takes a holistic approach, and meets you where you are at. I cannot recommend working with him enough. You are in brilliant hands.”



His expertise is second to none when looking at the whole picture and the whole person to drill down to the root cause. And then being able to actually correct or heal what is going on to take your health to heights you once thought impossible. Watching him work reminds me of Russell Crow in A Beautiful Mind – A true master of his craft.




The HPH™ Course is completely virtual and you will receive log-in credentials after purchase. You will be able to access it on phone, tablet, or computer.

The HPH™ Course includes all 12 modules listed above and enables you to discover how to turn back the clock on aging and feel younger with more energy, vibrancy, and zest for life. The Certification includes an exam at the end of each module that must be passed.

IHP level 1 details in-depth the DESTRESS Protocol and provides the handouts and specific protocols necessary to help health coaching clients rebalance their body and mind. IHP Level 2 teaches 7 at-home Functional Medicine lab tests, plus the corresponding protocols, nutrition, and lifestyle and much more needed to assess the client’s underlying root cause imbalances along with the balancing protocols. The High Performance Health Certification does not address any of the IHP material and instead focuses on the latest, cutting-edge science on age reversal and rejuvenating the body and mind with specific, proven protocols. There is no real overlap in material.

You do not need to be IHP or IHP2 certified in order to take HPH although, of course, it would be helpful since you will have a strong background in overall health. 

90% of the material is the same. However, added benefits exclusive to the HPH Certification course include:

  • Handouts & protocols for working with your clients
  • Monthly workshop – one workshop per month to work through the content
  • Additional content on utilizing this Certification within your practice
  • The HPH Certification track also enables you to be listed on the HPH website so clients can easily find a certified HPH practitioner to work with
  • Only HPH Certification graduates will have the in-depth education and credentials to coach their clients using the new Biological Age test with clients, which will be available for a discounted purchase of $250 (once certified).

In order to graduate you will need to complete all course material and pass exams at the end of each HPH™ Course Module with a 70% minimum score. There is also one final exam at the end of the program that must be completed and passed with a minimum score of 80%.

The earliest a Certified HPH™ Coach candidate could complete the Certification would be approximately 6 months after beginning their course work. 

We’re happy to help and you can email us anytime at [email protected]

Yes, we offer a 15-day refund from the date of purchase if you feel that the HPH™ Certification is not for you.

You will receive access to the course product upon purchase.

If you follow along with each module and complete it within the 2 weeks allotted time, you will be able to graduate in just under 6 months from start to finish. This is sufficient time to master the material and be confident to go out and start working with clients.

Yes, all members will receive lifetime access and updates to this specific HPH™ Course. 

The retail price for the HPH™ Certification is $4990 for all 12 Modules including the workshops. However, you will receive a $2000 discount, plus a complimentary $500 Biological Age at-home lab test that is included.

Currently, labs can only be shipped to those in the US, Canada, most of Europe, & Australia.