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Learn Functional Medicine

You will also learn ancient healing knowledge of Eastern Medicine and philosophies. Learn to heal yourself from within and help others through the knowledge you will obtain.


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We are also one of the few courses and health coaching certifications that grant you lifetime access to our exclusive IHP curriculum at no additional cost.


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Dr. Cabral will share with you the exact, clinically proven wellness, weight loss & anti-aging protocols he has used in over 250,000 appointments in his Integrative Health Practice.


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IHP Level 1 Certification

Module 1: Welcome to IHP!

In this Intro Module, you will learn how to get the most out of your IHP experience! You’ll also find out the many ways we offer support to enhance your learning experience at no additional cost. We’re here to help you succeed!

Module 2: Diet Bio-Individualization

This module will help you truly understand why there is no one nutrition plan for everyone! You will learn advanced tips on improving digestion and transforming the body.  This module is the foundation for getting well, losing weight, and living longer and stronger!

Module 3: Exercise Programming

Just like a meal plan, there is no “one size fits all” exercise program.  Programs should be based on an individual’s current state. And, as a person heals and becomes well, their training routine should adapt with them on their health journey.

Module 4: Stress & SNS Regulation

One of the missing pieces to the puzzle as to why some people can’t seem to lose the weight, get well, rebalance hormones, or feel alive again is due to stress. This is why understanding the natural diurnal rhythms of the body, as well as the autonomic nervous system is imperative for getting well.   Gain the knowledge and skills to implement these techniques in your life and in the lives of others!

Module 5: Toxin Removal

One of the reasons your body can’t rebalance itself is that it is overwhelmed by the 77,000+ documented man-made chemicals in the environment. These can be seen and tested with at-home labs, and until your liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and GI tract can eliminate them it will be difficult to get 100% well. Learn about Functional Medicine detoxification protocols and how they are the difference maker in putting the body in a position to heal itself!

Module 6: Rest & PNS Resetting

Rest goes well beyond telling a tired person to take a nap and get more sleep at night. Learning how to reset the autonomic nervous system and vagal nerve center is the key to enjoying more energy without necessarily getting more sleep.

Module 7: Emotional Balance

A healthy and positive mindset is everything! You will help people understand that their psychology (beliefs) has actually been proven by science to affect their physiology (health, weight, aging, etc.). You will learn how to see what may be holding someone back and how to guide them in the right direction in both mind and body in order to heal!

Module 8: Supplement Protocols

As an IHP, you understand that food is first and foremost the path to healing the body. But, you will also come to learn that when the body has become deficient in certain nutrients or the digestion has become weak, oftentimes food is not enough initially in order to give the body what it needs in order to rebalance itself. This is why Functional Medicine nutritional supplements can make a huge difference in recovery.

Module 9: Success Mindset

The DESTRESS Protocol® I’ve developed over the past 2 decades is capped off with knowing you can and will heal your body.  This is why in our final module we will help you to change your success mindset and offer plans in order for you to help others set goals and achieve them.

Module 10: Career Building

Being a health coach is literally one of the greatest and most rewarding careers in the world. You’re helping people live healthier and better lives and you’re being paid for your knowledge and expertise. Whether you plan to incorporate health coaching part-time in the future or you’re currently a practitioner, becoming IHP® certified is the next step in your evolution to becoming world class at what you do.

Module 1: Welcome to IHP Level 2

Here you will learn to break down every lab and retain the information.   You will be able to truly help someone heal themselves and discover the underlying root causes of any imbalances.  You’ll gain access to our private IHP2 Facebook Group, which is a special privilege only for level 2 IHP students and graduates!

Module 2: Food Sensitivity Testing

In this FST module, you will learn how simple it can be to take a blood spot test right at home.  With all of this information, you will have the ability to help others to heal, seal their gut and drastically reduce the level and number of sensitivities they have.

Module 3: Parasite & Bacteria Stool Testing

The majority of “dis-eases” of the body start in the gut.  Running a Stool Test will help you understand what is in the gut lining and how to restore a healthy balance of bacteria.  This module will dive into natural healing protocols and how to have a healthy digestive system.

Module 4: Organic Acids Testing

This lab is crucial for anyone with bloating, gas, fatigue, mood or neurological disorders.  We will provide detailed data on which specific yeast, bacteria, neurotransmitter, detox, energy, or vitamin issues need to be addressed.  In this module, you will learn all about the 75 biomarkers in this lab.

Module 5: Omega-3 Testing

Inflammation is a serious problem and many people don’t realize how out of balance their Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios are. You will learn how to read this simple at-home lab test and help people bring a healthy balance to their ratios through diet and supplementation.   You will learn about different Omega-3 rich foods and supplementation protocols.

Module 6: Adrenal Hormone Testing

With a simple saliva test, you will be able to test for how your hormones, nervous system and stress may be affecting your overall health.  You will learn about healthy cortisol levels and protocols to restore a natural balance and energy once again.

Module 7: Thyroid Adrenal Hormone Testing

With the TAH, we’ll take a closer look at hormone balance, cortisol levels, metabolism, Vitamin D levels, the thyroid and more.  This test will help you learn the underlying root causes of common complaints such as low mood, libido, and difficulty with weight. It will give you the full picture to identify hormonal imbalances directly affecting overall metabolic function.

Module 8: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing

In this module, we teach you all about the different toxic metals and minerals and explain how they can affect the body.  We can test to see any exposure to toxins and heavy metals that could be causing adverse symptoms. Additionally, we can see deficiencies in magnesium, zinc or other essential minerals.

Module 9: Take Your Health Coaching Career to the Next Level

Learn how to develop a successful career as a Level 2 IHP with tips on charging appropriate rates with pricing models and access to see actual consultations with Dr. Cabral and his client to review Big 5 Labs.  This career-building material will help give you the confidence you need to begin your work as an IHP2!

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* Lab Kits will be mailed to you upon graduating Level 1 (Limited-time offer – must complete labs within 6 months of receipt). US law prohibits shipment of lab products to New York State.  International – Please visit our International Shipping Page to see if we can ship to you.