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Empowering Transformation: A Journey from Cancer Survivor to Integrative Health Practitioner

“I refused to let cancer become my identity and pushed down any thoughts about what happened to me.”

We are honored to introduce our guest blogger, Joya Robertson, IHP2. Her journey from being a two-time cancer survivor to becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) is truly remarkable and inspiring. Joya dedicates herself to empowering individuals, especially cancer survivors, to embrace holistic health and lead fulfilling lives. Join us as Joya recounts her battle with cancer. Additionally, discover how she now utilizes her experiences to guide others towards holistic healing.

2x breast cancer survivor Joya Roberson, IHP2


As I sit down to share my story, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey that led me from being a two-time cancer survivor to becoming an IHP. My name is Joya, and I am the founder of Enjoyably Healthy LLC, where I empower individuals, especially cancer survivors, to embrace holistic health and lead fulfilling lives. Join me as I recount my battle with cancer, the transformative changes I made in my life, and how I now use my experiences to guide others towards a path of holistic healing.

A Battle with Breast Cancer – Round One (2016):

In 2016, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. The treatments were intense, including a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy and they lasted well over a year. Despite the hardships, I emerged victorious and was declared cancer-free. Little did I know that my true journey was just beginning.

Ignorance and the Return of Cancer:

After the first declaration of “no evidence of disease” I tried picking up the pieces of my life. All I wanted to do was get back to a normal life. I refused to let cancer become my identity and pushed down any thoughts about what happened to me. However, living anti-cancer was not on my radar other than taking the prescription pill and seeing my oncologist for a quick check up once a year. Six years later, the unthinkable happened – the same cancer returned to the same breast. Furthermore, fear and uncertainty enveloped me, but this time, I was determined to explore every avenue of healing.

The Power of Holistic Healing:

Faced with recurrence, I chose a different path. Integrating holistic healing into my treatment protocol alongside immunotherapy proved to be transformative. Importantly, within four months, the cancer dissolved without the need for prescribed chemotherapy and radiation. Undoubtedly, holistic lifestyle changes, such as adopting an organic, whole-food, plant-based diet, engaging in deep spiritual practices, emotional healing, and detoxifying my environment, played a crucial role in my success.

Embracing Holistic Living:

Joya Robertson, IHP2

My journey towards holistic living became a turning point. Nutrition, spirituality, and emotional well-being emerged as powerful tools for overall health. Consequently, through intentional changes in my diet, a deepened spiritual practice, and the release of past emotional wounds, I felt a profound sense of empowerment and control over my well-being. After this miraculous turnaround in the second diagnosis I had a new outlook on life. My passion for holistic health became an obsession and I have not looked back.

Enjoyably Healthy LLC – A Vision Realized:

Motivated by personal transformation, I founded Enjoyably Healthy LLC. As an IHP, I specialize in supporting individuals who have endured cancer. My approach combines personal experiences with knowledge gained through Level 2 IHP training, incorporating functional lab work to identify root causes and guide clients towards holistic rebalancing.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Hope:

My journey from cancer survivor to IHP is a testament to the transformative power of holistic living. Today, I stand not just as a survivor but as a beacon of hope for others navigating the challenges of cancer. Through Enjoyably Healthy LLC, I aim to inspire, guide, and empower individuals to embrace holistic health, transforming their lives one step at a time. Together, we can embark on a journey towards enjoyably healthy living.

Joya Robertson, IHP 2

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Certainly, Joya's journey from cancer survivor to IHP is truly awe-inspiring and serves as a source of strength for all those facing similar challenges. We are deeply inspired by her resilience, determination, and commitment to holistic healing. If you're ready to embark on your own journey towards holistic health and wellness, we encourage you to reach out to a certified IHP and schedule a call today. Let Joya's story be the catalyst for your own transformative journey.

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