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Whether you officially become an IHP Referral Partner or not, the fact that you have landed here means that not only have you taken steps towards greater health in your own life, but that you are interested in sharing your knowledge and journey with others — and that deserves a pat on the back, or at least a fist bump!

At Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, we believe we are in this together, always looking for ways to grow our community and share our mission of helping people heal themselves!

You may already be excitedly sharing this knowledge and your own success stories as a current member of IHP, getting others interested in the IHP Certification. As an IHP Referral Partner, we want to give you the credit you deserve for spreading the word! You will be an important extension of IHP, contributing your own unique and powerful message to your own community who are looking to improve their own health and help others find their own path to healing. So if you know someone who wants to join the IHP movement and possibly create a rewarding career of their own, this is the perfect opportunity!



At IHP, our brand and mission are incredibly important to us. Because of this, we do want to be sure you meet a few requirements in order to be approved as an ambassador.

All current IHP members (all levels) are eligible for this referral program.

If you are not part of a group listed above, we’d still love for you to apply! Here are some general requirements we look for:

In short, our values are important to us and we want to be sure those values are shared!



When you become an IHP Referral Partner, you will receive your own unique link to share with anyone who wants to sign up during open enrollment, which you can share with anyone in your community. When they make a purchase using this link, you will then receive a flat rate payout on each eligible sale. Referral rates are listed below:

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions and we look forward to partnering with you soon!


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