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092: This Leads to More Clients & Better Trust

One of the hardest things for a health coach is trying to build trust with an individual that may have already tried and failed in the past…

They’re trying to figure out how you are different than all the rest and how you would be able to help them…

They want to trust you and maintain hope, but they are looking for you to say a few keywords that will put them at ease…

To learn more about what leads to more clients through better trust check out today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast 092 – Enjoy the show and let us know what you thought in the comments!

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


1. Setting the Stage

During a complimentary new client consultation you want to let your potential new client know how the appointment is going to flow to put their mind at ease

2. Control

During the consultation you want to keep the conversation under control. You should be the one dictating when you will move through certain topics like their health history, what they’ve tried in the past, what services you offer, and what your pricing is

3. Words that Put Clients at Ease

During today’s show I shared a few sentences that will instantly put most new clients at ease and begin to build the trust with you that you can be the one to help them


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