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096: Success Is Not an Accident

Today's podcast was a fun one where I wanted to provide you with the straight talk on what it takes to be successful as a health coach in building a thriving business…

Our IHP community knows that I want the best for them and that is why when I sometimes see people doing things that are counterproductive for themselves, their business, and their clients I have to speak up

That's why on today's integrative Health Coach success podcast 096 I share how “Success Is Not an Accident” and what most coaches get wrong – Enjoy the show and let us know what your thoughts!

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Show Highlights & Big Takeaways


1. It Wasn’t a Fluke

Some coaches think that what another successful coach did was a fluke.

2. Too Much Too Soon

I am all for making a business your own and creating something you love but if you don’t first use a proven template it’s a recipe for disaster in most cases.

3. Things Don’t Change

The times change, but people don’t change, which is why how are you attract clients today is essentially the same way it’s always been… don’t try to reinvent the wheel just use new technology to get your message to the right market.