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279: How to Create a Wellness Plan for Your Health Coaching Client | Tips From Troy Rice

Clients often approach us with current health concerns that we can address, but it's equally vital to consider the broader perspective.

What are your clients' aspirations for their future, and how do they envision feeling?

On today’s show we talk with Troy Rice.

Troy is an Integrative Health Practitioner who is deeply committed to actively listening to his clients and guiding them toward their best future selves.

In this episode we discuss how Troy approaches his client’s plan from the premise of tailoring a personalized “wellness suit”.

We specifically discuss how Troy designs a customized wellness plan for his clients that moves away from the notion of chasing wellness and instead fosters a vision that clients can fully embrace as their present identity.

To discover more about helping clients create their future vision for wellness, join us on today’s Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast, Episode 279. Enjoy the episode!

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