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281: How to Address the Unique Needs of Each Client: Interview with Tonya Karow

Every client is unique.

While some individuals may prefer a scientific approach involving lab testing, others may seek a more emotionally oriented exploration.

As health practitioners, it's crucial for us to consider this as a holistic puzzle and our responsibility to piece it all together.

On today’s show, we talk with Tonya Karow.

Tonya is an Integrative Health Practitioner from the EquiLife Health Coaching team, who is passionate about integrating the science of health and wellness with emotional well-being.

In this episode, we emphasize the significance of approaching each session and client from a personalized perspective to effectively meet them where they are in their journey.

We also dive into the crucial skill of listening and how it plays a pivotal role in supporting clients by combining what Tonya beautifully refers to as the science and the “woo.”

To explore the holistic approach of addressing each client's unique needs, join us on today's episode of the Integrative #HealthCoachSuccess podcast, Episode 281. Enjoy the show!

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